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When an auto client first came on board the Net Conversion Express, we wanted to be smart about exploring new channels with them. In this case, that channel was Connected TV. We have a list of partners with whom we’ve seen success across our agency account portfolio, but rather than simply picking one, we wanted to find the best performer for this specific client. 

Test Objective

Find the most efficient CTV partner in terms of driving website visits through post-view site visits (ViVs)


First we selected our test variables – three different CTV partners. Meet the players:

  • SteelHouse – typically high volume impressions with strong Cost Per ViV 
  • SambaTV – offers additional Linear reporting at certain spend thresholds
  • Premion – offers additional Linear reporting at certain spend thresholds and the ability to track view-influenced location visits

Next we needed to find comparable DMAs and split them up between our three test partners. We performed a cluster analysis to identify “like” state-based clusters. States were deemed similar based on visits, leads, conversion rate and mix of site visits to each body style (truck, SUV, sedan, etc.). 

Then we identified three audience segments to target across each partner:  Family Car Intenders, Non-Family Car Intenders, and Truck/SUV Intenders. Finally, we served the same creative and used the same measurement across all three partners.


  • Steelhouse – $2.70 Cost/ViV
  • SambaTV – $2.39 Cost/ViV
  • Premion – $0.94 Cost/ViV

With consistent lowest cost/viv throughout our test, we concluded Premion was the most efficient partner in meeting our goals. 

We saw no significant performance variances by audience segment for each partner. As a followup, we would want to test more personalized creative to further determine impact. We’d keep evergreen messaging in all three audiences, while rotating in more specific creative tailored to each audience.

Key Takeaways

Vertical specific. We may see that the significance of audience segmentation varies by industry. It may drive more of an impact in the travel vertical, for example. We’ll continue to test each client and vertical on a unique basis. 

Push your third party vendors. Get additional data. Ask for metrics we need, and some we haven’t thought about yet. We’re in this together, and both want to drive great results for our clients.

One of our agency partners had this to say about our VP Brett Hughes

Working in the best interest of his clients, Brett has created new measurement analytics that lead the industry in proof of performance. He has pushed our business forward in terms of measurement strategies around CTV. His knowledge and dedication are unprecedented.

With CTV viewership up nationally amidst a country-wide quarantine, we’ll continue to test optimal efficiency partners for each client. 

Turning Strategies Into “Always On” Tactics.

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