Meet the Analyst – Kayla Lawicki


Marketing Analyst


Orlando, Florida

How long have you been with Net Conversion?

It’ll be two years this summer.

What clients do you work on?

AdventHealth, Universal Studios Hollywood, and

Favorite moment at Net Con thus far?

It has to be when we had all the dogs in the office.  One day we had like 8 dogs in our smaller office, and we took this cool family picture. 

What’s your philosophy toward working here?

Give it your all. Every part of you. When you can make personal connections with your coworkers and clients, you build deeper and stronger relationships. Like I was sharing Tik Toks with a client the other day. It’s just about opening up. 

Also, I love Asana. Asana your heart out.

What’s something we’d be surprised to learn about you?

I went backpacking through Thailand for a month after I graduated from UCF. I ate my weight in food and was the tannest I’ll ever be in my life. The only thing I remember how to say in Thai is ขอบคุณ. (Interviewer: how do you spell that?) K̄hxbkhuṇ. Pronounced kob khun ka. It means thank you.

Who do you admire most at Net Con that’s not on your team?

I know I can’t say Nate because he’s on my team, but can the record reflect that I love Nate? I love Nate.

I’ll say Kristina. She makes everybody feel super comfortable and supported. I always feel like I can go to her with anything whether it’s a question or if I just need to be heard. I love the way she is with clients; she’s always asking them about them and is really personable, which is hard to balance in a professional setting. 

What’s your favorite Net Con perk?

It’s a tie between Friday lunches and Happy Hours. 

Favorite project you’ve done/proudest accomplishment?

The Net Con Proud award and that I’m able to work on two large accounts at the same time. When I first got onboarded to AdventHealth and Universal Studios Hollywood, I wasn’t sure how I would balance both at the same time. But I feel like I’ve grown so much and am thankful for the opportunity, and for the chance to work with great teams. 

What do you do when you’re not at work?

I’m a low-key shopaholic. I’ll go through cycles of being really into clothes, or home decor, or skin care, or recently it’s things I saw on Tik Tok.

What is your favorite thing to do in The City Beautiful?

Brunch. My favorite place is Stubborn Mule. I highly recommend the Ahi Tuna Toast, and they have really good bottomless choices. 

Team Jet or Team Yacht?


If you could write one new law that everyone had to obey, what law would you create?

Be nice.

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