We’re data obsessed – data is at the center of everything we do at Net Conversion. 

We believe in capitalizing and investing on the power of technology to drive access to robust data and insights.  So much so that we built our own data aggregation and ETL software, Conversionomics (CX for short), that works as a data management, activation, and CAPI platform for our partners.

5+ TB

Data Processed Everyday on CX


Unique Data Sources


Dashboards Powered by CX

13 Years

of Aggregating Data


Your Analytics

and Unleash

The Potential of

Data With CX:

  • Transform Data Sources with Query Builder
  • Automate Your Reports & Dashboards
  • Audience & Conversion API Connections
  • Connect to Your Google Cloud Platform
  • Create Multiple Projects
  • Easily Connect to Your Favorite Sources or Platform APIs (see below)

Our Advanced Technology & SEO Services

Net Conversion put together a strong mix of technology and SEO services to best suit a variety of partners. Each serves as a valuable tool to take control of data trends and use them to your advantage.

Data Engineering

With our ability to process terabytes of data in Conversionomics, we can connect, transform, and export directly in a flat file or database export (e.g. AWS, GCP, Azure). We leverage our proprietary software and Google Cloud platforms to build cloud-based data solutions, perform data collection audits and data source comparisons, and create interactive dashboards and business insights. We can help your team with data validation, measurement strategy, automated reporting, predictive modeling, data processing, and data warehousing.

Integrated Marketing Plans

Our integrated marketing approach aligns the consumer profile and current and forecasted performance trends with the channel mix to create an insightful, goal-oriented marketing strategy. Our real-time media mix modeling enables us to monitor performance and shift spending intra-channel to accelerate business growth.

Data Platform Implementation

Accurate data and holistic collection lead to better insights and more impactful business decisions. We’ll audit, configure, and analyze your analytics setups to make sure you’re prepared to get the most from your data, and if you’ve never used these platforms, we’ll get you on the right track. We perform ongoing website tagging, data capture, measurement across platforms, media pixel management, along with Google and Adobe implementation.


Conversionomics is a powerful data aggregation and automation technology tool, or DAAT tool for short. With over a decade of in-house research and development, our product improves analysts’ and partners’ data aggregation, automation, and visualization processes.

An Investment In Data Technology Is An Investment In Innovation.

Data Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

Let’s get together and see how Net Conversion’s technology services can get the most out of your data. Applying what we see and learn to create better overall results.