Net Conversion COVID-19 Update

Net Conversion COVID-19 Update

Posted on March 24, 2020 in News by Rachel Paul

Earlier this month, we were proceeding with caution as travel was slow but still active. We adjusted our paid media tactics to mitigate travel fear and capitalize on drive markets. While people were cancelling their European Travel, we targeted the In-Market for Trips to Europe audience and pushed the Caribbean and Central and South America as alternative destinations. Our messaging promoted no cancellation penalties/travel insurance while driving a sense of urgency for short term travel.

Although much has changed in just a few weeks, Net Conversion remains an extension of your team. We promise to serve as your constant throughout these uncertain times. We’re continuously equipping our analysts with the tools they need for success and they are able to fully function from home, already having jumped into action as your emergency response team across accounts. 

With all that in mind, we have already begun formulating reactivation plans and custom strategies by vertical, down to 30, 60, and 90-day plans. Here’s a look at Travel:

Travel Reactivation

Tourism will play a key role in a worldwide and sustainable economic recovery and growth post COVID-19 outbreak. For our travel clients, our goal is to inspire consumers to travel and fulfill their planning dreams.  The consumer journey is not at a halt. Consumers may not be able to book, but dreaming and planning will begin to grow everyday as we get closer to the end of this pandemic (especially as people hunker down in their homes and dream of white sandy beaches). As marketers we are prepared to support this planning boom (with sensitivity) to help aid the recovery of both the travel vertical and economy. 


Leverage the “Dreaming” Stage

Include messaging assuring that although we may not be traveling, that does not stop us from planning.

Minimize Usage of Price Points

Be sensitive to the economic crises consumers might be having. Focus on experience messaging vs. pricing.

Utilize Advanced Audience Targeting

Include audience targeting throughout your strategy to reach consumers that are interested in travel while including alternative audience targeting that have performed well historically. Alternative targeting will allow us to have lower bidding than the mainstream audiences. 

Offer Flexibility on Bookings

Mitigate travel fear by offering no cancellation penalties/travel insurance

We are here to help

Your business get back on track. Our analysts will be maintaining communication about relaunch and reacclimatization strategies to make recovery as smooth as possible for everyone.

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