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Conversionomics Teams Up With Data Studio

Conversionomics is Net Conversion’s proprietary, data extraction and transformation platform, allowing us to connect to any data source, process complex data sets and export for near real-time reporting. Conversionomics processes +5 TB of data per day, with 5,800+ individual data sources, performing 1,500+ transformations, powering 660+ dashboards.  In 2021, Conversionomics was recognized by Google Cloud as a top-of-the-line data automation and aggregation tool for leveraging the power of BigQuery to help marketing and advertising teams centralize data, streamline reporting and deliver insights that drive Google campaign performance. 

Self Sign Up is Here!

We’ve been working diligently behind the scenes at NetCon to make sure Conversionomics is available to everyone. The platform is such a powerful tool, we wanted to share it with the world! To that end, self sign up will be available directly from in the very near future. Keep an eye out for special promotional pricing opportunities in your inbox and on our socials!

Starting in July 2022, Conversionomics is now a 
Partner Connector in Data Studio

Since modernizing our data analytics stack, we’ve saved countless hours of time that can now be spent on taking insights to the next level. Plus, BigQuery’s advanced data analytics capabilities and robust integrations have opened up new roads to offer more dynamic insights that help clients better understand their audiences. Below are a few example on how we have currently leveraged Conversionomics for our clients and how we can help you leverage your data:

  • Flatten large data sets for analysis in minutes
  • Close the Online to Offline conversion attribution gap 
  • Create innovative strategies such as Weather Feeds to optimize weather dependent business performance
  • Assist importing offline conversion to maximize performance goals in diverse media platforms 

If you’re interested in automating the boring stuff and spending time on what matters – insights and optimization, then check out Conversionomics here! 

Harness the power of Google’s BigQuery with the user experience and connectivity of Conversionomics today – You won’t be disappointed!

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