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Media Partner Diversity Program

As part of our DEI initiatives, we are dedicated to diversifying our media partner base whenever possible and increasing our commitment to minority-owned media companies that drive results. As part of our Media Partner Diversity Program initiative, we asked some key questions around diverse ownership and practices, some listed below, to our main partners to understand their position. We came to learn some interesting information regarding existing diverse practices, and encouraging programs in the works. This will be an ongoing piece of our partner vetting to ensure we work with and test innovative strategies with a diverse mix of partners!

  • Is your company a Minority-Owned, Woman-Owned, Veteran-Owned, LGBTQ+-Owned, or Disability-Owned business?
  • Please provide any other diverse indicators that define your business ownership outside of the ones listed above (i.e. Small Business, Green, etc.)
  • Do you currently have a diversity program? (i.e. does your company have a policy statement, participate in outreach activities, promote diverse hiring practices, etc.) 
  • Do you explicitly prohibit discrimination consistent with the protections of the Equal Employment Opportunity’s policies?
  • Do you explicitly adhere to a non-discrimination policy that includes race, gender, and other federally protected categories?

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