Meet the Analyst – Hines Wood

Meet The Analyst.

Name: Hines Wood

Title: Senior Analyst, Advanced Analytics

How long have you been strategizing/analyzing/ producing straight fire at Net Conversion?

9 months

Favorite moment at Net Conversion so far?

I was told to go to a company wide meeting at Murrays. No warning, no description. When we went downstairs we were told we finally going to be partnering with the Venetian, and our CEO Ryan sprayed champagne over everyone. It was a great company wide achievement and celebration.

Who do you admire most at Net Con that’s not on your team?

Kyla – when I started she was extremely helpful and she just knows her shit. There is not doubt that she is knowledgeable on the media side which was helpful for my position. 

What are your go to taco toppings?

I’m soooo vanilla. Meat and cheese….maybe some lettuce. (interviewer – omg no sauce) – well hot sauce duh.

What is one completely useless thing that you know how to do?

Farming – we have a cattle farm back home. I guess that’s useless here in Orlando. 

NC Disclaimer: Farming is an important part of the economy. We love farmers. 

Are you a tea drinker or coffee drinker?

Coffee drinker. I take my coffee black with just one Splenda. Cannot be any other sweetener. 

What’s your favorite city you’ve ever traveled to?

Orlando is my favorite city obviously. But second choice hands down NYC. 

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Marketing seemed cool because Mad Men was out when I was highschool. Like being a big exec in marketing in a big city having a martini at lunch seemed like THE life.

Are you an adrenaline junkie?

I don’t think so. I like driving fast if that’s being an adrenaline junkie. 

What is the #1 thing you would recommend someone doing in Mississippi (your hometown)?

If you’re driving through the state, get fried chicken at a gas station.  Any station, it will be the best you’ve ever had, period.

Favorite Restaurant in Orlando?

My favorite restaurant is actually a Food Truck – Atlanta Peach Wings. It’s a couple from Atlanta that moved to Orlando and they sell some of the best wings I’ve ever tasted.

What is your family nickname?

Buck. When my sister was a kid she used to call me Buck Buck. So now my nephew is going to call me Uncle Buck.

Are you a saver or a spender?

I’m a saver. I mean I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks. My wife though…. We have an allowance for fun money every month and lets just say we always balance each other out.

Anything else you want your fans to know?

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