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Client Onboarding x Split Testing

At Net Conversion, we love being an extension of your team and applying analytics to our decision making – from start to finish. During the onboarding process, we pride ourselves on a data driven approach to ensure that we set up our client’s campaigns as efficiently and effectively as possible, regardless of their previous campaign set-up and performance.

As part of this process, while onboarding a new client, our Medical Supply Client, the team opted to execute a split test by geo-targeting to prove out our new campaign structure within a new account.

We decided to hone in our Paid Search strategy on only the most qualified keywords, focusing our efforts on maxing out these efforts by segmenting out our ad groups and consolidating when appropriate. Once we felt results were stable, the plan was to incrementally expand keywords where volume and performance allowed. This is also a tricky vertical within Google (often flagged for due to its sensitivity) and to give you an idea, the most qualified keywords are those that might include medicare, medicaid, and insurance. The split test approach is often our test of choice at Net Conversion. It allows us to accurately judge results with one variable: geotargeting. For our client with this particular onboard approach, we were able keep CPL’s well below the target benchmark and introduced additional keywords to capture more volume without causing CPL to increase dramatically. 

Analyst, Michael Simitses + Manager, Ashley Young

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