Snapchat Dynamic Travel Ads

Marketing in a Snap

Snapchat has officially introduced Dynamic Ads for Travel in the marketing space – providing the latest Dynamic Ad solution, now made in a format to support Travel advertisers, allows you to upload a Travel specific catalog or feed, and dynamically serve up relevant trip information to users, based on an individual user’s travel preferences and intent. 

Snapchat is the #1 platform where users enjoy sharing purchases they love or when shopping

-2022 Global Crowd DNA Study commissioned by Snap Inc. 

Similarly to Google’s Hotel Ads, Hotel and Airline advertisers can now use Snap’s new Travel Ads. DTAs dynamically pull images directly from a product catalog and serves ads based on user intent, travel interests, preferences, and popularity of listings and destinations whether or not the user was on your website.

So how will this rapidly growing system affect the future of our industry? Well the answer is… in a few interesting ways.

  • Includes advanced audience targeting based on travel intent
  • Displays different product attributes
  • Uses locally-relevant campaign delivery by leveraging Snapchat’s rich visitation data
  • Requires a catalog schema

NC Recommendation: This is a great opportunity to employ a remarketing strategy that uses dynamic ads to retarget users that are actively looking at properties on a client’s website or competitors website.

Giovana Soares, Marketing Media Analyst

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