IV Drip Bar: Custom Metric Edition

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Measurement: one of Net Conversion’s most vital nutrients. Awareness can be particularly tricky to measure, at least in a way that’s significant. That’s why we continually create our own supplements and antioxidants to make sure we’re measuring what matters in our awareness efforts and keeping our accounts in top health.

ViV (View Influenced Visit)

We’ve never liked impression-based awareness; an impression isn’t even a full view. So we analyzed awareness in terms of cost per view and view rate. But even that wasn’t impactful enough. We (and our clients) don’t really care about who’s viewing, we care about what users are doing.

That’s why we created our ViV metric – View Influenced Visits. Did the user view our ad and then click through to the site? Or did they visit within a two-week period? Those actions are more significant to ultimately affecting brand search demand. Based on years of research and experience using ViVs, we’ve developed a clear performance model that tells us when we reach the right consumers, video views lead to website visits which lead to property visitation. That’s impact.

eViV (Engaged View Influenced Visit)

Typically we optimize our awareness campaigns toward users who will complete a View Influenced Visit. We wanted to test a new strategy, targeting a more engaged user. Instead of having to visit the site, users have to visit 2 or more pages (the landing page plus at least one other).

We built a custom code to track the number of pages someone goes to on a Client website, and created custom conversions of the engaged visit event in Social to remarket to those users.

We’re testing this now, so stay tuned for results on total site performance.

LIV (Listen Influenced Visit)

We wanted to be able to measure awareness and see the impact of how it performed via streaming audio. We placed a Pandora pixel on our client’s site, and we could then track when someone who was exposed to an audio ad made it to their site.

This is innovative because it goes further than people who just clicked on a display ad in the Pandora app. The click itself is an engagement, but what we found was that people who were exposed to the content in a more passive manner – listening – were still influenced to learn more about the brand. As a matter of fact, LiV was pretty comparable to our ViVs in TrueView in terms of cost, but considerably cheaper than our Connected TV ads.

Turning Strategies Into “Always On” Tactics.

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