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Twelve of our local client partners, plus advertising partners Google and Steelhouse joined us for our Innovation and Growth Summit, discussing how the media & marketing industry has evolved with consumer media consumption habits and technology.

The full range of observed travel behaviors is vast and complex, and marketing to the average can lead to average results. Your consumer is not average, and neither are we (#dontbebasic). To capture the full range of behaviors, we increase our data signals, insights to impact, and ultimately conversions. As the media landscape evolves, so does our media mix, so that we use the right medium to send the right message to the right people at the right time.

To get to those “right” decisions, we rely on data. So much so that we created our own processing tool to get what we want out of a software. Conversionomics connects online and offline data and leverages BigQuery to provide automated, actionable reporting to key stakeholders.

We concluded our Summit with a select client panel, discussing what their teams are doing with innovation and how they might deploy new tactics to address marketing challenges heading into 2020.

If you couldn’t make it out to this time, we hope to see you at another Summit in the future. And for our non-local clients….stay tuned.

Turning Strategies Into “Always On” Tactics.

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