Aligning Your Business Goal with High-Value Customers with Meta

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Month after month, Net Conversion focuses on how to accelerate the possibilities of aligning your business goals with your media strategy. Previously we’ve talked about how you can leverage your offline data to elevate your digital strategy, but today we are exploring the opportunities to inch one step closer to high-value customers through expanded post-conversion optimization using your offline data in Facebook (Meta).

Previously Meta only allowed you to optimize toward your events (or goals) within a 7-day window – however an expanded window is now available in beta to be tested across multiple verticals. This new advanced feature of conversion optimization allows advertisers to optimize for events that occur outside the standard 7 day window used by Meta optimization. So how does this affect your strategy – let’s dig in…

First and foremost, to drive efficient media and reach your high-value customer you need to align your optimization goal across all channels as closely as possible with your true business goal. For some this may be revenue, while for others it could be lead forms, calls, etc – causing alignment to be a bit tricky across all platforms. However with Post Conversion optimization (again currently in beta testing), Meta is allowing for closer alignment by overcoming the 7-day optimization window restriction that applies to almost all other optimizations. The new Post Conversion Optimization will enable you to optimize for events up to 28 days after an ad is delivered ( a window that is certainly closer to the decision making window of an actual customer/consumer).

Once our team tests this new feature with a few of our accounts, we’ll be back with our POV of Post Conversion Optimization. For now check out the alleged overall benefits of Post Conversion Optimizations:

  • Cost Saving: Post Conversion Optimization (PCO) will serve impressions towards customers who are likely to convert on the sequence of events. So far beta tests showed performance improvements of 20% on average. 
  • Longer Optimization Window: PCO extends the optimization window officially from 7 days up to 28 days allowing for adversaries with longer conversion cycles to reach their true business outcomes as they can now optimize for deeper funnel events that occur on a longer timeline. 
  • Deeper Funnel Optimization: PCO Conversion API (in our case our Conversionomics API) which allows advertisers to send deeper funnel events that can’t be shared with the Meta pixel. Hand in hand with longer attribution windows, this helps advertisers track and optimize towards deeper and higher quality funnel events. 

Alexia George, Lead Marketing Specialist + Logan Didier, Marketing Intern

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