Social Experiment: How Net Con Adapts to WFH

illustration of video conference screen layout

Two months ago, the “social science” question sweeping the country was “Is love blind?” Now it’s “How is Net Conversion, an agency fueled by their culture, adapting to WFH life.” (That’s right, sweeping the country). 

Welcome to the social experiment that no one signed up for, but everyone is now a part of. People are fluctuating from end to end on the stress spectrum. We’re feeling new degrees of isolation, but finding community sprout in new places. We’re alone together. 

How are we handling it? 

Video Calls af

Quarantine Fridays & Happy Hours 


Net Cafeteria

A chance for everyone to continue to have lunch together. 


We recently started our own lunch and learn conference, NETx, where we share topics we’re passionate about with the team. Topics have included The 5 Love Languages, Best Local Eats, and Why Roundabouts Are a Mistake (followed immediately by Why Roundabouts Are Amazing)

Daily Culture Challenges

Every day we get a prompt to stay engaged with the whole team. Challenges range from “Video Call a Camper You Haven’t Seen in a While” to “Chat 3 Campers What Disney Princess You Think They’d Be.”

Turning Strategies Into “Always On” Tactics.

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