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sbe Mondrian Los Angeles ROAS Up +65% with Niche Search Marketing

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Converting Longer-Lead Stays

Net Conversion cultivates longer-lead interest with specialized remarketing audiences, capitalizes with search campaigns.

Situational Analysis

sbe features a portfolio of 22 world-class international lifestyle hotels in Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Miami, The Bahamas, London, and San Francisco, with additional residential properties within North America. Mondrian Los Angeles, a boutique hotel in West Hollywood, was seeing a decline in their long-lead business. All of their bookings were coming in short-term, and they needed to build up their base of bookings over 60 days out. Moreover, many of the short term booking channels came from Online Travel Agents, which took commission off of the booking. Mondrian LA needed to incentivize consumers to book stays further out to reduce reliance on the competitive shorter lead bookings and get business on the books sooner.

Marketing Objectives

We sought to create specialized interest in the property that would generate longer lead bookings without an exhaustive or expensive strategy. We would measure our efforts in terms of ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), with a goal of +25% year over year.


Our search marketing strategy included dedicated Target and Bid campaigns that focused on a remarketing audience of users who were looking to stay 60 days out or greater. We incentivized them to book direct with an exclusive advanced booking rate – a steeper discount not available by searching the website or through any other online travel agents.


We supported Mondrian LA in generating longer-lead business by exceeding our ROAS goal by 40%. We sought a +25% increase from our longer-lead campaigns, but ultimately achieved a $16.63 ROAS, up 65% vs the account average.

Let’s be unexpected together.

Let’s be unexpected together.
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