Maximizing Performance With Google

How Google’s Performance Max Campaigns Can Help Your Business 

By using Google’s Performance Max campaigns, Net Conversion increased ROI as well as moved towards the brand KPIs for luxury travel partner, Baha Mar.


Through Net Conversion’s diverse media efforts, our partners are already successful in reaching their target audience, generating leads, and driving conversions. However when talking about mega luxury resort destination Baha Mar, our partner has faced the challenge of sustaining incremental revenue growth and brand awareness after their past few successful years since their ‘Grand Opening’ in 2018 through their full-funnel omni channel strategy. Although the brand continues to yield positive results, we believe that Google’s Performance Max campaigns offer a unique opportunity to enhance their performance and take their results to the next level. By implementing this new campaign type, we hope to offer our partner more control over their campaigns and better visibility into their ad spend and ROI.


Our objective is to demonstrate how Google’s Performance Max campaigns can help businesses reach their desired target audience, generate more qualified leads, and increase conversions. By using a data-driven approach, we aim to uplift our partners’ ROI and achieve their desired business outcomes.

  • Boosting our partners’ ROI using Performance Max
  • Achieving their desired business goals and KPIs


To implement Google’s Performance Max campaigns, Net Conversion relies on a data-driven approach that leverages the latest AI and machine learning technology. For example, we utilize Google’s proprietary algorithms which can analyze vast amounts of data and determine the most relevant target audience, ad placements, and keywords. Furthermore, we employ advanced bidding strategies to maximize the performance of our campaigns and ensure our partner receives the best results possible. By using data from previous campaigns, we can optimize our strategies in real-time, enhancing performance and helping our partners achieve their desired outcomes.


The results have been highly promising. Since launching Google’s Performance Max in August, linkouts have on average increased by over +100% while declining cost/linkout and maintaining a strong presence in our top markets.

Our partners have seen a noticeable increase in their ROI as well as an improvement in their most valued business outcomes. They have been able to reach their target audience more effectively and generate more leads, resulting in higher conversions and increased sales overall.

Advantages of Performance Max:

  • Optimized ad bids using AI and machine learning
  • User-friendly, reducing the learning curve and trial and error associated with running campaigns
  • Improved results with proper setup
  • Increased visibility through one campaign instead of multiple campaigns

Disadvantages of Performance Max:

  • Less control over ad campaigns
  • Can lead to overspending if not set up properly
  • Lack of performance data across each channel

In conclusion, Google’s Performance Max campaigns have proven to be a valuable addition to our clients’ existing advertising efforts. With the help of our data-driven approach and advanced bidding strategies, we have been able to enhance their performance and achieve outstanding results. This case study highlights the importance of utilizing advanced data features like machine learning algorithms when creating digital marketing strategies if they want maximum returns from their investments. As a result of our successful efforts with Baha Mar and Google’s Performance Max, we hope to expand upon these strategy optimizations for many of our other partners as we continue to push towards the forefront of innovation.


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