Weekday Messaging Personalization Results in +26% Conversion Rate

Boosting Occupancy Using Messaging

Net Conversion works alongside NDM Hospitality Group to develop a strategy that will increase weekday bookings while not cannibalizing their current demand.


NDM Hospitality Group is the parent company of multiple subsidiary companies that manage luxury vacation homes and resorts all over Central Florida. Although post-pandemic they’ve been able to increase their demand to 2019 levels, the client presented the issue of filling weekday stays as they were seeing considerably lower occupancy levels Monday-Thursday. They needed to develop a strategy that would incentive consumers to book weekday stays while not cannibalizing their current demand and occupancy during the weekends.


Create a weekday parting digital campaign and messaging strategy to generate higher levels of occupancy during the weekdays while remaining cost efficient and effective on current weekend levels.

  • Increase conversion rate by +10% for those campaigns and increase overall ROAS.


We supported NDM Hospitality Group Properties in generating a high occupancy rate during the weekdays by increasing our ROAS +4%, We sought to increase conversion rate by 10%, but ultimately achieved a higher overall ROAS – +4% ROAS for 30 days after launch by personalizing our messaging and creative to fill the occupancy void the property was seeing.


ROAS for 30 days after launch


Conversion Rate


To analyze occupancy during the weekday, our analysts were granted access to the Business on The Books (Bob) report, which shows all occupancy rates by day for the rest of the year.  This report was sent over daily, using an automated email blast. To enhance the process, our analyst used our data aggregating tool Conversionomics. Conversionomics is Net Conversion’s proprietary, data extraction and transformation platform, allowing us to connect to any data source, process complex data sets and export for near real-time reporting.  In 2021, Conversionomics was recognized by Google Cloud as a top-of-the-line data automation and aggregation tool for leveraging the power of BigQuery to help marketing and advertising teams centralize data, streamline reporting and deliver insights that drive Google campaign performance. 

Using this tool, our analysts were able to create a source in Conversionomics, use its data activation capabilities and curate the data to produce a report in Google’s Data Studio to create a real-time report of weekly occupancy for all properties in our clients portfolio. This report is automatically updated daily, with breakdown capabilities by specific property, day of week, and monthly roll-ups.

To increase occupancy, our analyst used such real-time occupancy reports as a gauge on how they could optimize their messaging strategy so that every “soft day” or potentially occupancy increase was addressed with more impactful messaging. The messaging was driven by offers, promotions and stronger CTAs to entice locals and drive markets to stay longer or “earlier” in the week. 


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