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Net Conversion ties together emails from Meta (Facebook) Lead Generation campaign with emails from eventual purchases to view cross-platform ROAS and ticket type distribution, as opposed to just Cost Per Lead.


A business group owns Advance Deposit Wagering apps where you can bet on horse racing across the United States & the world. This same business group also owns multiple horse racing tracks such as the Maryland Jockey Club. Maryland Jockey Club puts on the Preakness Stakes every year which is the Middle Jewel of the Triple Crown of Horse Racing. Our client, such business group, is the official wagering app of Preakness, as well as all the other tracks mentioned previously. Due to industry regulation, client x Net Conversion has had to create out of the box strategies and tactics to ensure that their messaging is getting across to their qualified audiences. However, since most of the conversion is done on the consumer end (app or in person), it is almost impossible to attribute digital efforts to the business main KPI – event tickets. Given that we’re a curious company – we realized that there was an opportunity to tie together data we are getting from our clients’ apps and tracks with information we are getting from our digital campaign to find insights and granular reporting for performance vs. our event ticket KPI. 


  • Tie Offline Data (Emails) to Facebook Ad Manager to report on actual ticket sales vs. Cost Per Lead.
  • Achieve a process for consumer aggregating platforms for all industries and clients.


For the client, it is of the utmost importance to understand their qualified audience – not only to understand their needs, but to be able to market to them in a quiet regulated industry. Therefore, the client frequently gathers their consumer ticket data through reporting internally. Within this reporting, they are able to secretly capture individual emails and data for each consumer, allowing them to conglomerate all data segments of the consumer, and pass the data set to us. From there Net Conversion uses their data aggregating platform Conversionomics to create efficient clean sets that could be uploaded into ad platforms or in this case used to match consumer data with paid media consumer data. 

Preakness paid media Meta (Facebook) campaign focused on top local and drive markets based on previous customer purchase data. These campaigns were later broken out with specific audience targeting (pre-qualified based on previous consumer signals and segments as part of our audience-first strategy), to promote general admission tickets, all the way to luxury suites. To personalize each campaign further, creatives were specific to each experience offered for each audience segment – to allow personalization to drive even higher conversion across these campaigns. Additional to prospecting campaigns, Net Conversion also launched  robust remarketing campaigns including – Preakness website visitors, engaged website visitors, Preakness Instagram & Facebook engagers, past preakness attendees (crm), lead form opers w/ no submission, awareness video viewer – to ensure that we were capturing the qualified audiences at all levels in the consumer journey. 

Using the data from Facebook, along with offline data, the ticket and orders reports provided from the Preakness team, we were able to match our leads generated back to tickets and orders purchased. Powered by Converisonomics, we were able to efficiently categorize our text joins and customer matches with unique identifiers from all data provided. This additionally allowed us to find ticket sales by ticket type, as well as targeting type from our campaign segmentation and audience targeting.


The Facebook lead gen campaigns have driven over 8.9K leads on $61K in spend. The leads generated account for 3% of the total orders placed and drove $72K in revenue at a ROAS of $1.17. The ticket type with the most tickets sold from Facebook lead generation campaigns are the grandstands tickets. Alongside these tickets sold, by cross matching our data we were also able to identify which audience segments bought the most amount of tickets – giving us effective reporting to use as further optimizations for our still live campaign. Since Preakness is not till May, we hope to continue to monitor these results to continuously update our audience-first strategy and inform our client of their performance.

Overall our goal using the learnings from this case study, is to continue to identify opportunities for Offline Data usage using effective partners and Conversionomics. 

8.9K Leads

on $61K spend

$72K in Revenue

at a ROAS of $1.17


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