Automating Creative for HICV

Leveraging Google’s Video Creation Tool For HICV

Net Conversion recommends a new creative strategy that leverages automation to fill gaps in the ad serving process, and keep creatives refreshed for hospitality partner.


Holiday Inn Club Vacations (HICV) is a leader in affordable travel accommodations nationwide in the United States. Their properties are specifically known for creating lasting memories for family vacationers with a variety of experiences of their choice in over 25+ destinations.

Holiday Inn Club Vacations encountered bandwidth issues when it came to pushing out fresh and captivating creatives every 60-90 days. In addition, their creative ad sets required constant optimization, making it challenging for HICV to keep up with the demand for frequent creative messaging for potential consumers. Recognizing the need for a streamlined solution, we proposed the implementation of automated creative generation using Google’s Video Creation Tool. Although this innovative approach has not been tested with any other partners, our analysts are optimistic about its efficiency and overall performance. By automating the creative process, we aimed to make it more seamless and reduce the need for constant involvement from HICV. This new feature has the potential to revolutionize the way HICV approaches creative generation and optimization, streamlining the process and reducing the demand for time and resources from their team.


  • Streamline the video creation process to capitalize on existing assets for HICV
  • Refresh creatives every 60-90 days without requiring HICV to expend additional creative resources
  • Achieve a similar or higher conversion rate on creatives generated from the Video Creation Tool


HICV’s creative strategy is currently being tested, this section will be updated with results as soon as they are available!


​​The new creative strategy leverages existing assets, including photos, videos, and CTAs from the existing set of HICV resources. It allows for personalized video selection based on the stage in the conversion funnel being targeted. The process starts by selecting a template from Google’s catalog and populating it with the given brand colors, logo, images and text. By simply inputting this information, this new tool is able to generate an AI tailor-made video that resonates with the desired audience at the targeted point in the conversion funnel.

For this case study, the video asset was set to focus on brand awareness. Our team provided relevant messaging and compelling CTAs such as “Find your new view” and “How do you vacay?”. These CTAs aim to engage viewers and elicit their curiosity, aligning with the goals of the brand. The Video Creation Tool brings this messaging to life by embedding it within the generated video.

The implementation process seamlessly combines the original assets with the templated and automated elements, resulting in a captivating and customized video. By utilizing this approach, Holiday Inn Club Vacations can effectively enhance their brand visibility, engage potential customers, and create a positive brand perception, all without having to spend nearly as much time or resources on the given creative.


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