Elevating Marketing Excellence: How Net Conversion Became a Meta Media Powerhouse

The Impact of Meta’s Media Certification

Achieving Meta’s Media Certified Company status, Net Conversion showcases its commitment to excellence and deepening ties with the leading name in media innovation.

The Challenge

Net Conversion, a data-driven marketing and analytics agency, manages over $300M in media spend annually for a number of distinguished clients across a variety of industries including travel, home services, healthcare, sports and entertainment and more.

To ensure that their agency remains competitive and primed for both present and future success, Net Conversion deems it essential to invest in the continuous skill enhancement of their employees. This investment not only nurtures a culture of learning and development but also signals to their partners and competitors alike that they are committed to excellence and innovation. In a landscape where the market is inundated with significant spending and activity, the imperative to stand out becomes even more crucial. Net Conversion recognized this challenge and responded proactively by seeking novel and impactful methods to elevate and refine the proficiency of its workforce through The Certified Company program at Meta.

The Results

In essence, the decision to prioritize training and development through the lens of achieving Meta Certified Company status is a testament to Net Conversion’s forward-thinking approach. It embodies a commitment to excellence that not only elevates the company’s stature in the market but also ensures that its team is equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of the advertising world, today and tomorrow.

Company culture is a cornerstone of Net Conversion, which was clearly demonstrated throughout this process as certification completion became a bonding and celebratory experience for the agency.

“There was a sense of strong team morale once everyone passed,” Sumner said. “Every time someone would pass the exam, we would shout it out and make a big deal about it!”

The Opportunity

The Certified Company program offered by Meta emerged as an ideal solution for Net Conversion’s aspirations. This prestigious program is not just any professional accreditation; it represents the zenith of Meta’s certification offerings. Achieving the status of a Meta Certified Company signifies that an organization has not only invested in the advanced training of its employees but that its workforce has also demonstrated a comprehensive and deep understanding of the latest tools, strategies, and practices in their field. This certification goes beyond individual achievements to spotlight the collective expertise of the entire organization, underscoring a shared commitment to staying ahead in a fast-evolving digital landscape.

In June 2023, Net Conversion became a Meta Media Certified Company, with 20 employees earning the prestigious Media Buying badge.

“It’s really important that we remain industry leaders.  By partnering with the media industry’s best technologies, we are constantly testing the latest advancements and following best practices that drive performance.  Being a Meta Certified agency ensures that we are hitting that mark,” said Amanda Sumner, Director of Marketing at Net Conversion.

For Net Conversion, pursuing the Meta Certified Company designation was a strategic decision aimed at differentiating themselves in the crowded advertising services sector. By aligning their development efforts with Meta’s rigorous standards, they not only enhance their team’s capabilities but also position themselves as a leader in adopting industry-best practices while deepening their partnership with Meta. Sumner also understands the impact behind a Meta certification.

“Meta is such a key channel within all of our client partners’ media strategies and this certification is really critical for any digital marketing professional to have,” Sumner said.


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