Net Conversion SEO Takeover Boosts Organic Traffic by +30%

Leveraging SEO For Your Business

Net Conversion’s SEO team assists medical education institution with successful website re-launch & noticeable KPI Increases.


Net Conversion is currently a valued paid media partner with a prestigious medical education institution. This partner tasked Net Conversion with assisting their SEO efforts and ensuring a successful relaunch of their newly redesigned website. By implementing data-driven SEO services, we hope to offer our partner increased visibility, credibility, and ROI.


Our goals for this partner were to mitigate any potentially negative SEO issues with their new website launch while simultaneously optimizing existing key pages to improve SEO KPI’s such as rankings, impressions, clicks, and overall year-over-year organic traffic.

  • Performance reporting, including Technical, On-Page, and Off-Page SEO
  • Compose a backlink and content gap between our partner’s website and competitors to highlight the areas where competition is thriving
  • Utilize data found in the audit and competitor gap to develop a campaign strategy to get our medical education website on top


Net Conversion worked closely with our partner’s (highly capable) web development team to improve SEO KPI’s before, during, and after the new website launch.

Post-launch, we continued to assist with SEO efforts and content strategy leading to a noticeable improvement in organic traffic. A 6-month year-over-year comparison resulted in:


ROAS for 30 days after launch


Increase in Total Organic Clicks


Site-wide CTR


Increase in Organic YoY Traffic (Feb 2023)


Net Conversion successfully implemented a range of SEO services into our medical education partner’s strategy, ensuring optimal website performance and improved search engine rankings. As part of the partnership, Net Conversion provided comprehensive SEO checklists, best practices, and 301 redirect documents to assist with the launch of the new website. 

Additionally, the team conducted a thorough 55-page SEO audit presentation, covering everything from technical SEO to keyword analysis, on-page tagging, content, UX, backlinks, competitor analysis, and ongoing SEO strategies.

To further enhance the website’s SEO, Net Conversion conducted extensive keyword research, resulting in a spreadsheet with over 5,000 manually selected keywords to identify high-volume, low-difficulty core, secondary, and long-tail keywords for key pages. The team also addressed technical SEO issues such as broken links, broken images, insecure content, and page speed issues.

To optimize the website’s content for search engines, Net Conversion optimized title and description tags for 360 key pages and 155 blog posts. The team also developed an ongoing blog post content strategy based on current program priorities, competitor analysis, and high-volume, highly-targeted keywords. All of these efforts aimed to improve search engine rankings and increase organic traffic, in order to achieve greater online visibility and a stronger online presence for our partner.


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