Reinventing Karma’s Online Funnel for +52% Configures & +34% Linkouts

Removing consumer journey roadblocks

Net Conversion drives leads by improving consumer engagement on Karma’s website.

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Our team sought to both improve user experience and streamline luxury carmaker Karma Automotive’s online funnel to increase leads of consumers showing up at dealerships for test drives. Using web analytics, we determined two factors that increased the likelihood of a user test driving: configuring a car online and visiting the specific dealership’s microsite.


Asterisk  Remove friction from Karma’s online lead generation process to increase leads

Asterisk  Increase both car configuration and dealership microsite linkouts by +20%


For both objectives we used lift analysis to determine if we improved consumer action.
With our initiative to increase car configurations on the website, we identified placement opportunities to drive more traffic to the configuration page. We tested the original placement of the call to action button – below the fold – with a new placement at the top of the page.

With our initiative to increase microsite linkouts, we identified an opportunity to make the experience more seamless by simplifying the dealership linkout page. We rearranged content on the location extension pop-up window, prioritizing the dealership’s address and phone number details over the dealership biography.


In both scenarios, our challenger outperformed the control beyond our expectations. Moving the call to action above the fold resulted in a +52% increase in configures, and rearranging dealership linkout pages resulted in a +34% increase in clicks to dealership microsites.


Increase in Configures


Increase in Linkouts

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