Nassau Paradise Island Visitation Up 15% with Integrated Strategy

Demand Growth for New Mega Resort

Net Conversion’s integrated marketing campaigns increase island visitation and drive 3x referral traffic to Baha Mar, leading to its stellar grand opening.

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The Nassau Paradise Island Promotions Board (NPI) is chartered with generating demand and interest for all of Nassau and Paradise Island so that all hotel constituents are supported. In 2018, a massive new luxury destination, Baha Mar Resort, was going to be fully open, requiring nearly 3,000 new rooms to fill every night. NPI faced the challenge of significantly growing demand to support the full launch of Baha Mar, while at the same time maintaining interest in their other partners such as Atlantis Bahamas, The Ocean Club, Sandals, and British Colonial Hilton.


Asterisk  Generate island visitation by driving interest through a multi-channel media strategy

Asterisk  Increase website visitation by 35%

Asterisk  Increase conversion rate by 5% (web traffic to hotel partners)

Asterisk  Have at least 30% of the website visitation come from new users


Based on deep market analysis and using the latest digital marketing tools, we devised a multi-channel approach that prioritized search, digital video and mobile marketing strategies.

Video to drive awareness
Starting in 2018, we also introduced Addressable and Programming TV into the NPIPB Awareness portfolio along with staples such as Digital and Broadcast TV. Video enabled NPIPB to showcase its full offerings to consumers. Furthermore, we used an internal attribution model to truly understand and connect digital video’s impact to actual island visitation.

Mobile marketing to cultivate interest
The NPIPB website is optimized for mobile devices, which enabled us to develop campaigns that capitalized on the growing trends of consumers using mobile devices to search and book travel.

Search marketing to capture conversions
With newly developed “If/Then” Google AdWords functionality integrated into search ad copy, we were able to target select audiences with specific messaging tailored for new and returning users.


Our integrated marketing campaign, which drove over 3.6 million website visits, resulted in more than 974,000 total conversions. All channels exceeded performance goals and objectives for the first half of 2018. Website visitations to the NPIPB website were up 53% through July 2018 compared to previous year, an increase of +18% over the goal. Conversions were also up 15%, outperforming the goal by 3x. New visitors made up 41% of total visits, 10 percentage points above the set goal. Lastly, Baha Mar, the new mega resort, saw nearly 135,000 referral visits from NPIPB’s website, a three-fold increase in referral traffic from the previous year, contributing to their successful grand opening.


Increase in Site Visits


Increase in Conversions


New Visitors

Increase in Referral Visits

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