Evolving Cyborgs: Net Con’s Second Annual Departmental Summits

Net Conversion Client Summit.

This month we had our second annual Marketing Summit and Analytics Summit. In these department-wide workshops, we discussed innovations in our own approaches to strategy and technology, and how we can optimize these resources for client success.

Marketing’s theme was “Evolve.” In a year where resilience was crucial to success, we proved that our ability to innovate could not be conquered. As analysts, a unified marketing team, and an agency, we continue to evolve our skills, abilities, and approaches to not just match an evolving industry, but to stay one step ahead.

We focused on our Audience-First strategy – how Net Con has redefined consumer-centric campaigns – and the most effective ways to communicate the results of those strategies. 

Analytics focused on their positioning at the confluence of technology and analytics (or technalytics). Since our media analysts are augmented by Conversionomics, machine learning, and AI technology, they’re basically cyborgs (not androids, the distinction is important).

Technalytic Cyborgs embrace testing and experimentation, responsibly collect data, and actively direct automation strategy. For media insights, this means automated alerts based on value, percent change or standard deviation, K-means cluster analysis, advanced SQL and more. In media planning, it’s automated bid simulators and reach forecasts. It’s how our cyborgs apply technalytics in relation to our Audience-First marketing campaigns that creates true innovation and unprecedented results.

Turning Strategies Into “Always On” Tactics.

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