NC’s POV on Meta Account Security

Meta Account Risk Prevention Recommendations

Net Conversion is aware of a recent increase in hacker account takeover attempts on Meta and want to make sure our partners are protected. If you aren’t already aware, account takeovers can cause brand reputation issues, short-term financial impacts from fraudulent ad spend, and the inability to advertise on Meta (including the loss of use for your current ad account even after regaining control).

Net Conversion highly recommends you review Facebook’s Business Manager Best Practices. The following are some priority call outs to review and/or implement:

The primary channel for hackers to take over ad accounts and business managers is through gaining access to the individual user accounts that have access to your business. Take a few moments to make sure everyone currently in your business manager account/ad account still needs their current level of access. Additionally, ensure that the account they log into Facebook with is using a strong and secure password with two-factor authentication turned on. You can share a link to the Facebook Security Checkup which will give them personalized feedback on how to improve their account security.

Additionally, there is a product called Facebook Protect which you can invite your users to that adds additional layers of protection to their personal account. Facebook Protect was launched in 2019 to provide an extra layer of protection for users of accounts that ran more risks or were more vulnerable to being hacked. You can invite your team using this invite email link.

If you follow these best practices, you may still be impacted by an attempted takeover however you will be able to mitigate the impact and stop it before damage is permanently done. 

Let us know if you have any questions on these steps or would like more information!

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