Net Conversion turned twelve on March 19th, and oh how much we’ve grown! What started out as two dreamers working out of a loft has turned into an award-winning, convention-shaking company that is forty-six people strong today.

This year brought several exciting milestones for us. We built a new website (without the dash in the middle!) and bought a billboard that proudly displays our new tagline: “Awesome in Action”! We also introduced more ways to recognize our remarkable talent with the Net Con Proud award and the Meet the Analyst spotlight. We are also about to move into our brand-new building soon!

Among all the excitement, we continued to do great work for our awesome clients and even managed to get some new ones! 🙂 The kicker is, we not only love our clients and our work, we have fun doing it every day. The employees of Net Con are what make Net Con, Net Con. Their dedication and knowledge make the work we do for you impactful. Do you agree? If so, please tag your favorite Net Con employee on one of our social channels with the hashtag #netconproud!  We’ve been so successful in creating a truly special place because of our dope employees and clients. You are ALL awesome in action!

– Fryan