What We’re Looking Forward to in 2020

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We’re always anxious to get our hands on shiny new marketing and analytics toys. Here are just a few that we’ll be playing with in 2020:


Google Ads will be increasing transparency into the performance of their smart bidding (Google’s tool  using machine learning + campaign and user data to optimize toward goals) strategies for Search. We’re excited to see reporting on top bidding signals like location, device, day of week, time of day, keywords, and any combination of these signals to help us better target consumers and shape our strategies.


We’ve explored Google’s video sequencing tool and saw great results, and we’re even more excited for the increased capabilities with Google’s DV360. It’s an integrated platform that helps creative, data, and media teams work together to execute end-to-end campaigns by offering a place to plan your campaigns, manage your creative, apply audience data, buy inventory, and measure and optimize campaigns all in one place.

With DV360’s ad sequencing, you can share your brand’s story with a custom series of videos and banners. At each step along the sequence campaign, customers are served preselected messages; an impression on one video will trigger a second video to be served the next time, and so on. We’re excited to test this capability, as Google previously reported that video sequencing can increase ad recall by +118%.


We’re definitely a company that believes homemade is better than store-bought (shoutout to Mama Lounsberry). That’s why we made our own data processing tool in-house, to allow us to analyze the 40TB we manage a month. Conversiomics is a large-scale processing tool that connects online and offline data sources and leverages Google’s BigQuery to provide automated, actionable reporting to key stakeholders.

Conversionomics provides analysts with an easy and fast way to connect to multiple data sources and build unified datasets ready for analysis and visualization. The tool’s powerful automation and customization features improve reporting accuracy and efficiency and make visualization and dashboarding a breeze. At the same time, it enables analysts to experiment with the data and reach new levels of insight and creativity.

Conversionomics will also automate and accelerate your data preparation cycle, even if it means combining thousands of sources into even more metrics and dimensions. How long does your reporting take? We’re at 5 minutes per client.

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