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Using our own custom metric, Quality Score Priority Percentage, we created an internal dashboard to evaluate keyword performance based on rank. We used this to identify areas of optimization for Unnamed Client, finding that Category Search had a lower than average Quality Score, likely due to the bucketing of keywords into ad groups.


Utilize insights from our QSP% dashboard to test two campaigns with the goal of improving ad performance as measured by quality score, CPC, and CTR.


We further detailed the scope of our Category Search, creating a “Broad” and a “Qualified” Category campaign for each test. We broke out ad groups on the adjective and product level, incorporating those new keywords into ad text and headlines, which directed to the corresponding landing page on Client’s website.


Campaign One saw a -2% decrease in Cost Per Click with only a -0.5% decrease in Click Through Rate. Quality Score remained flat versus prior period.

Campaign Two saw a +5% increase in Cost Per Click with a +2% increase in Click Through Rate. Quality Score increase 0.2% versus prior period.

Next steps:

We will continue monitoring QSP% and roll out into new campaigns.

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