Use the Power of Print to Inspire, Build Trust and Unlock Niche Audiences

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The decline and ultimate demise of print advertising is a forgone conclusion for many marketers, especially those who started their careers in the age of digital everything. Not so fast, say some industry experts. According to eMarketer, print advertising (magazine and newspaper ads) accounted for $18.74 billion in 2018—only about a sixth of digital advertising’s share, but more than radio, out-of-home or directories advertising. And, print is not going down without a fight.

To start, marketing executives still believe in the combined power of digital and print media to boost brands and engage audiences in more a meaningful way that creates lasting relationships and trust. Many consumers agree. When Marketing Sherpa asked, “which type of advertising channels do you trust more when you want to make a purchase decision?”, 82% of Americans said that they trust prints ads, followed by TV ads (80%) and direct mail (76%). At 25%, online pop-up ads were the least trusted form of advertising.

Print’s ability to reach engaged, niche audiences that other channels have difficulty penetrating is also unique. And, let’s not forget that, in this age of online security breaches and privacy concerns, some consumers may prefer to make all of their brand and shopping decisions offline.

Print advertising is also evolving to stay relevant and fresh in a digital world. From including calls to action to visit personalized URLs, to the resurgent use of QR codes (now that Apple iOS includes a native QR code reader capability), print ads are working hard to connect to online, where their marketing contributions can be tracked and credited. Other digital enhancements to print ads, such as integrated augmented reality features or, interactive elements, such as the Old Spice scented paper blazer, are also attractive options to keep audiences entertained and engaged.

Want to get inspired and entertained by some of the best print ads of 2018? Start with these examples. And, if our persuasive case has made you consider running some print ads of your own, give our talented traditional media and marketing team a call – they will guide you well!

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