This a Rollie, Not a Stopwatch, We Don’t Ever Stop: Net Con Hosts First Departmental Summits

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We kicked off Q4 with our Marketing Summit and Analytics Summit. We used these department-wide workshops to discuss strategy and innovation, because as a wise rapper once said, “$hit don’t ever stop.”

Marketing focused on storytelling tactics and the ever-evolving consumer journey. What once was a linear path has become dynamic and reciprocative, with different trends across industries, and is ultimately unique to each consumer. Guest speaker from Google, Vinnie Macri, brought insights on the consumer journey and audience best practices.

Analytics focused on optimization ideation and data storytelling tactics. We’re all born asking why, and for our analysts, it’s continued.  Our analysts ask why and set a course to figure it out, never setting for “how things have always been.” They question, investigate, and force change. Equally as important, they turn complicated stories from the data into valuable bottom lines for our clients.

Turning Strategies Into “Always On” Tactics.

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