Innovative Trends and Insights: The Evolution of Conversionomics


In the marketing industry, innovation is what drives a business forward. Whether it’s creating new products or enhancing existing ones to better engage with the customer’s wants and needs, progress is the target. This progress is achieved when informative data insights and provided and acted upon by your analysts. 

These insights can be tough to discover when analysts spend more time collecting, aggregating, and visualizing data than analyzing KPI trends and noticing valuable trends. And this loss of time equates to a decrease in the value of the data you’re collecting because what is good data if it’s not being acted on in a timely manner? That’s where we come in. 

The Birth of Conversionomics

For more than ten years, Conversionomics has been researched and developed by Net Conversion, tested by analysts, and applied to their clients that make up some of the largest companies in the Orlando area and beyond. Created to get more out of Google Analytics, the result has been a tested and tuned data aggregation and automation tool that saves clients time and money. With our help, clients spend less time aggregating and visualizing, and more time analyzing to craft actionable data insights that will drive business in the future.

But, what is Conversionomics, and how exactly does it work? As we said earlier, our platform is a tool designed to aggregate, automate, and visualize data, and by doing so gives more time to innovation and discovery. Though, let’s take a closer look at the process and get a closer look at what we mean. 

Aggregate – It all starts at the source, the data source that is. Upload unlimited automated data connections to Conversionomics without the hassle or worry of running out of room for your resources.

Automate – These sources can be auto-scheduled through our automated process, keeping your data and visualizations up to date with the latest information.

Visualize – Display your KPIs to your team or clients with our easy-to-use template or a favorite of your own. Your sources with easily adapt. 

Analyze – With data easily accessible in straightforward presentation, analysts are free to explore, diving deep into the meaning of current trends and numbers. This is where the magic happens. 

Accelerate – From here, you’re in the driver’s seat, and the gas pedal is yours to press. Innovation comes fast when you’re fueled by the right gas and making the necessary pivots to follow the trends in front of you. 

The Outcome of Our Efforts

Our clients make up a diverse group of industry leaders, all of which enjoy the freedom they now feel while making business decisions. Their confidence is backed by their ability to make well-thought-out data-driven decisions that are based on current trends. And Conversionomics continues to enter new industries year over year, with our ability to do so stemming from our platform’s ease of use. No extensive tech experience is required, just nail down the basics of the platform and start uploading your sources, though if you need us, our experts are always available to help.

Together, Conversionomics and our clients make each other better. By working with one another, we help make them more efficient data analysts who find the gems in their KPI trends and make the most out of them in their business decisions. And from those innovations, we learn their needs, their successes and mishaps, working to build a more robust platform that goes beyond what either of us thought previously possible; that’s Conversionomics.

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