Net Conversion’s Position on Cookies

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As you can imagine, we love cookies at Net Conversion. Cookies are yummy. But… turns out that a steady diet of cookies may not be as healthy as we (and most digital marketers) thought. So, by doctor’s orders, we may have to go on a diet. This diet may change what we order at restaurants (read: how we structure campaigns) and may result in us shedding a few pounds (read: percentage points) off the juicy results we’ve been delivering. Nevertheless, we are committed to continue to deliver to you the best damn digital marketing results possible. It’s just that, sometimes, you have to change your moves to stay on top.

Here is what we expect to happen:

  • As browsers continue to roll-out settings that give users more options for anonymity and more ways to clear their data, our tracking and audience usage is likely to become less reliable.
  • To minimize the impact of increased privacy protections, we plan to use platforms that offer alternatives to cookies, such as email match, to tie a user’s ad click to a sale.
  • We will rely more on ad platforms that are able to determine user-to-purchase connection through common sign-ons, such as Google or Facebook.
  • We will continue to use platforms where we see performance. Often, that means ability to track; without it, we are less able to properly optimize campaigns or prove impact.
  • As cookie-reliant technology is phased out, we expect to see new and similarly effective tools to emerge. We will keep you updated on the progress and impact of all such tools as they become available.

Amid all the changes, we know one thing for sure: given our close relationships with Google, Facebook, Bing and other major marketing platforms, and our amazingly innovative and deeply knowledgeable and dedicated analysts, we will continue to thrive through this transitional period and beyond. While we are not completely sure yet how the new “cookie diet” will affect our analytics, our promise to you remains: Net Conversion will keep it real and keep you successful!

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