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The Excel Formula Bot is more than just a bot. It’s your new best friend! You can confess all of your problems (preferably Excel related) and it will always know just what to say to make you and your spreadsheet happy! 

So in one sentence, how can the Excel Formula Bot help you? Simple – Enter a description for a formula you need, and let AI figure out the excel formula for you. After you have the formula, it’s as easy as ‘copy and paste’. If you’re already convinced you need to try out the Excel Formula Bot, click here to try it out. If you’d like to read more about it, continue on!

Tools help you Excel

Since 1982, Microsoft Excel has been supporting businesses with its amazing ability to calculate data across any number of spreadsheets and tabs. Using the toolbar, you can plot graphs, create pivot tables, as well as lookup and compile data from other sources.

However, along with the seemingly endless possibilities comes a steep learning curve to Excel. Since Excel’s launch, Excel has had over 750M users across multiple industries and countries. Oftentimes, regardless of their profession, users have needed to Google Search a formula to find the right “answer” to their Excel need. With or without Google’s help, users can spend hours pouring over automation examples and fancy Excel templates that have been pre-programmed to handle specific data sets. That’s a lot of wasted man hours and a lot of interrupted workflow that can be saved with Excel automation.

This is where the Excel Formula Bot comes to the rescue. The Excel Formula bot is capable of taking any- and we mean ANY request in regular terms and spitting out an, excel ready, formula that fills the given request. Then, all you have to do is paste that bad boy right into the formula line of your sheet, and you’re good to go!

The site has a simple and efficient design, consisting mainly of an input box, where you’re prompted to summarize the problem you’re trying to solve. For example, your request might be, “When column A equals the sum of ‘hello,’ calculate the sum of column B.” In response to this, the bot gives you: “=SUMIF(A:A,”hello”,B:B).”

Results are best when the prompt is as specific as possible (ie: referencing exact cells, rows, or columns), the site explains. If you do not get the desired results, simply try to reframe your sentence.

Example: sum of column a when column b contains the word “marketing”

AI Answer: =SUMIF(B:B,”*marketing*”,A:A)

To date, there have been over 500,000 formula requests.

This tech-savvy tool only gets smarter and more accurate with each additional request, as they are being recorded for learning purposes.

With this being said, anyone who’s not a programmer and doesn’t really understand how to craft Microsoft Excel formulas, simply head over to and let the AI there do the job for you. If our site is able to assist you with your excel formula needs, be sure to share your experience online!

Created by our Senior Director of Analytics, David Bressler.

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