Who gives a $hit? No, really – tell us

A culture of collaboration and caring has always been a priority for Net Conversion. C’mon – the company was founded by two guys who are best friends and partners to this day. So, to keep the spirit going, we have been giving away a weekly “Give-a-$hit” Award for over a year now. To be nominated for the GAS award, team members have to meet two simple criteria: 1) do something that goes above and beyond their normal duties at the company and 2) be nominated for it by their fellow team member(s).

Now, we invite you – our clients and partners – to submit your own nominees for the Give-a-$hit award! Next time you catch a Net Conversion team member in the act of doing something extra or something kind – let us know! Send a short note to [email protected] to tell us who it was and what they did. Simple, right? As almost everything we do – we like to keep it simple but impactful. And believe us, your submission will be impactful!

Every week, the winner of the GAS award (the person with the most nominations) gets the honor to display the distinguished GAS trophy on their desk for all to admire. He or she also gets a $50 UberEats card, so they can feel good about themselves and feel stuffed with their favorite food at the same time. Trust us, there’s no better feeling than this!

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