Summertime and the livin’ is easy

It’s only June but we have jumped into summer wholeheartedly! From weddings and babies to travel and sightseeing on three continents, life at Net Conversion is eventful – this summertime and anytime! Here are just some of the latest news:

  • David and his wife Aubree celebrate the birth of their first son, Everett – on Father’s Day!
  • Gaby got married to her boyfriend of three years, Tony, in Cancun.
  • Frank went to the Grand Canyon.
  • Stephanie announced she and her husband Amour are also going to be first-time parents.
  • Joe and his wife Kristilee spent a week in London seeing the sights, riding the tube, and enjoying the local cuisine. Some highlights included seeing the Magna Carta, the Rosetta Stone, and the Queen’s humble digs.
  • Silvana also welcomed a baby into her home – her puppy Stevie.
  • Kenny went to Colombia for a bachelor party.
  • Ryan and Brett went to Hollywooooooood.
  • Ameen visited the Montreal Olympic village and took in the botanical garden.
  • Ashley was #NetConProud in Cancun.