Meet the Analyst – Kayla Lawicki

Name: Kayla Lawicki

Title: Marketing Lead

How long have you been a camper here at Net Conversion? 

I’m going on five years this summer. I started as an intern when I was in college and started full-time after I graduated.

What is your favorite thing about working here?

That’s a hard one; I like a lot of things about working here. I would say the people I work with. We all get to hang out and do great work together. Everyone is really comfortable around each other here, which I feel isn’t normal at every job.

What is the wildest Net Con moment you’ve witnessed?

When everyone brought their dogs in at the same time. One time in our old office, there were about ten dogs at the same time with the zoomies, and no one could control them.

What is a weird fact that you know?

I don’t know why this came to mind, but did you know that the wasabi you get in sushi packs – It’s not actual wasabi? It’s horseradish and mustard with green food coloring….

What drives you every day?

My Toyota Corolla (lol)

Which of your fellow campers would you trust the most to have you back in a tough situation?

Amanda Sumner, my manager. She always has and always will.

If you had to eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Sushi or sandwiches – they’re so versatile. Probably sandwiches if I had to pick one.

Kayla “Sandwich Lover” Lawicki

Tacos or Pizza?

Tacos – Birria Tacos

What’s your all-time favorite NC event?

The team outing to Wekiva Springs was the best. It was really nice having a full day outside in the sun (until it rained) and hanging out with everyone.

What’s your favorite smell?

Eucalyptus – I don’t like “sweet” smells. I like clean smells, calming, and nothing too strong.

Who is your role model at Net Conversion?

My role model – Carli Moreno. I love her resilience and her jokes.

What’s your biggest claim to fame?

I really like interior design. So in a perfect world, I would be famous on Youtube and Tiktok for designing and doing home makeovers.

Would you rather be always cold or always hot?

Cold. I normally run hot, so it would even out.

What is your ultimate life goal?

To be happy – wherever that comes from.

Anything else you want readers to know?

Some advice: Fail Fast + Fail Often

Turning Strategies Into “Always On” Tactics.

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