Meet the Analyst – Julia Reed

Meet The Analyst.

Name: Julia Reed

Title: Sr. Analyst, Analytics

How long have you been strategizing/analyzing/ producing straight fire at Net Conversion? 3 years and 9 months so almost 4 years!

What clients do you produce this straight fire for? Advent Health + ABC

Favorite moment at Net Conversion so far? Halloween 2019 when we had the villain theme. A bunch of us dressed up as Orlando Parking Ticket Cops and we walked around downtown handing out (fake) tickets. I think we also performed  a song and dance that day…

If you could live anywhere, where would you live? San Diego because it has the perfect mix of beaches and hiking. There are also way more wineries than I could ever imagine… and I love wine.

What’s your favorite snack? Wheat thins & cream cheese! Sometimes I add in a little Trader Joe’s vegan pesto. 

If you were stranded on an island, what would you choose to take with you? Pick 3. A computer/wifi so I can watch Netflix or Hulu, my cat, Kitty, and an endless supply of coffee. 

What’s something you’ve never been able to do well? Dance. I like to think I’m good but I know for a fact I’m not. 

What makes you feel old? That skinny jeans arent in anymore. 

What’s your favorite time of day? Morning time!!!! No one is awake and I get to be unbothered for a good 2-3 hours. I have a fresh mind + fresh coffee, so it makes me the most productive. 

What’s something most people like but you don’t? Reading…but I’m in the NC book club so I’m forcing myself to like it. 

Who do you admire most at Net Con that’s not on your team? Alexa Parsons! She’s got a great balance between work & life. She makes the most out of every day and still produces the most amazing work. 

What’s something we’d be surprised to learn about you? I’ve summited Kilimajaro and hiked the Himalayas in India! 

Anything else you want your fans to know? Shout out to my pod! Nothing would be possible without the help and love of you all! You all rock, and I have so much love for all of you guys

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