Meet the Analyst – Chris Cook

Meet The Analyst.

Name: Chris Cook

Title: Sr. Manager of Technology

How long have you been strategizing/analyzing/ producing straight fire at Net Conversion?

Since November of 2020.

What clients do you produce this straight fire for?

No specific client that i’m assigned to, but I aid with the organization and onboarding in Conversionomics for new and existing clients. I also work closely with ABC, Bouqs,, Groundworks, HICV, Portillo’s and SEG for their sFTP setups within our platform.

Team Jet or Team Yacht?

Yacht – because I wanna sail all over the place and it’s always smooth sailing. 

Where did you and your best friend meet?

High School. We’ve been friends since we were 13, so roughly 30 years. 

Tell me about the best vacation you’ve ever taken.

Probably when my wife and I went to Baha Mar. My wife is a snob for fancy hotels and I love to gamble. Also, the beaches were amazing. 

Did you have a nickname when you were growing up or now?

Cookie and Cooker.

What would you do if you won a million dollars?

Buy 2 cars, one for my mom and one for my dad. Then I would pay off my house, and invest the rest.

What’s a holiday that doesn’t exist that you’d like to create?

Binge TV Watching Day so I could catch up on all the new series I haven’t yet watched.

If you were a pair of shoes what would you be?

Nike Jordan Retro 4 Bred – I had a pair when I was younger and they got beat up, but there’s good memories there. 

What’s your favorite sport to watch?

Football, even though I played baseball. Football is just so much more fun to watch on TV. 

What would be the title of your autobiography?

Been There, Done That.

Would you rather have to eat a bowl full of crickets or a bowl full of worms?

Probably crickets because I think there’s protein in those…not sure if I could stomach worms.

Anything else you want your fans to know?

My claim to fame is that I got a hit off a MLB pitcher, Carl Pavano, as he was the one who gave up #70 Home Run to Mark McGuire when he broke the record.  It was when we were in Babe Ruth… but it still counts. 

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