Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by Diversifying Your Media

The Importance of Media Diversity

According to the  2020 U.S. census, The U.S. Hispanic population reached 62.1 million in 2020, accounting for 19% of all Americans and making it the nation’s second largest racial or ethnic group. Between 2010 and 2020, the country’s Hispanic population grew 23%. This rapid growth leads us to believe that Latinos are reshaping national and state-level demographics – which in hand changes the demographics of your consumers.

Media Consumption Trends for Hispanic/Latinx Audiences

In honor of Hispanic Heritage month, we’ve summed up a few crucial media consumption trends we’ve seen in Hispanic Audiences over the last year:

  • 93% of US Hispanics take action after seeing a digital ad
  • 50% of Hispanic Millennials mention brands they like either through posts or by adding a hashtag
  • Hispanics between the ages of 25-39 have doubled in the last three years how many podcasts they listen to. 
  • 56% of Hispanics are most likely to notice a digital advertisement on social media platform 
  • 64% of Hispanics say an ad that shows their culture is more likely to connect with them 
  • 70% of Hispanics notice bilingual advertising campaigns

As the number of Hispanic consumers increases, it’s imperative to consider shifts in your strategy that can identify and reach this population. Ideally, similar shifts and considerations should also be applied across other ethnic populations based on your business goals and current qualified audiences.

Our Top 3 Considerations for Diversifying Your Media

  • Personalize Messaging: Ethnic groups like to be understood and seen. Ensure higher conversion rate by personalizing messaging and creative to align better with their values and culture. 
  • Adjust Channels & Segments: Leverage audio podcasts, CTV channels, and digital sites that are popular amongst each ethnic group and create pulse strategies throughout “celebratory timeframes” (i.e. Leverage Ana Patricia Sin Filtro Podcast during Hispanic Heritage Month) to ensure high visibility and awareness during higher volume times for each ethnic group. 
  • Transparency: Millennials are aligning more with brands that are transparent about their diversity and inclusion efforts (whether they are part of a minority ethnic group or not). Ensure your brand is transparently showcasing how important diversity and inclusion is both in your internal efforts and external communications. Brand loyalty will go a long way with older generations – Gen X and Millennials as well.

Alexia George, Lead Marketing Specialist

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