How a Small Print Company Used the Internet to Take on the Nation

After more than a century in Central Florida, Lawton Printers was looking to expand. The small print company’s goals was to land new customers nationwide, who needed scratch-offs for promotions, fundraisers, corporate events, sports teams and other events and to convert these scratch-off buyers into permanent customers with other, traditional printing services.

The company engaged Net Conversion to accomplish these goals through digital marketing. The agency started with with a redesign of the company website to highlight Lawton’s up-to-date printing capabilities. Then, using Google Ads, Net Conversion launched a poof-of-concept campaign, followed by targeted national campaign.



Cost per lead today, down from $112 in 2009


Conversion rate (click to lead), up from 2.5% in 2009


Annual growth rate since working with a Google Partner

Target campaigns

“We set the scratch-off campaign to target nationwide. Tyler started getting calls from all over the country, from big players. He’s talking to companies he would never have been able to talk to before, if he had a sales force of 1,000 people.”

Frank Vertolli, Co-founder, Net Conversion

Qualified leads

“It’s in huge part due to Net Conversion that we’ve been able to grow our business, because of the amount of leads and opportunities that online brings us. We know when the lead comes to us that it’s qualified and that we’re well suited for it.”

Tyler Koon - president, Lawton Printers


“We get down to keyword level with GoogleAds, and know what’s driving phone calls. It helps us give another layer of data to really optimize the campaigns, and to make sure that we’re sending Lawton Printers the most qualified leads possible.”

Ryan Fitzgerald - cofounder Net Conversion