First-Party Data Analytics Is What We Do

The demise of third-party cookies threatens to disrupt targeted advertising, but we are determined not to let that happen. As a result, first-party data is more valuable than ever.

Using the data your company collects, we can create a more holistic customer view by tying together individual data sources such as web/app behavior, purchase history, and others to develop more robust marketing experiences.

A Different Perspective

Since first-party data is aggregated from a reliable source (you) and is generated by an audience relevant to your business (your customers), we can confidently predict future patterns.

We use your first-party data marketing to improve targeting accuracy, create holistic customer views, make content more relevant, improve custom data science applications, build more robust audiences, and close the attribution loop.

If you want a sustainable and constantly improving customer database, you need a strategy to collect consumer data yesterday. We’ve got the talent and the tech to deliver a consistent customer experience across your entire organization.

Our Latest & Greatest

Through our relentless focus on analytics, we have been able to consistently boost the performance of our partners using data-driven strategies.

Our Analytics and Insights Services

Propensity Modeling

It helps predict the likelihood that website visitors, leads, or customers will take certain actions.

Cluster Analysis

Grouping sets of data objects (customers, locations, etc.) into clusters based on the similarity of different variables.

Audience Segmentation

Layer criteria spanning first, second and third-party data sources for precision targeting and bespoke campaigns.

Algorithmic Personalization

Uses data from the behaviors and interests of the target audience to provide filtered digital content, targeted advertising, and differential product pricing.

Investing in Technology & Data to Drive Robust Insights

Grow Your Business With A First-Party Data Strategy

As third-party data moves toward a more general approach, getting to know who your audience is will rely more on the use of your first-party data collection.

We’re here to help make the transition. Reach out and let’s talk more about data analytics and how we can best strengthen your strategy.