Shaping Up Campaigns with Google’s Shopping Ads

Checking Out Optimizations With Shopping Ads

Net Conversion breaks down campaigns by product across several different shopping ad types on both Facebook and Google. With a combination of testing and optimization, these shopping ad layouts help increase the efficiency of our clients’ shopping campaigns.


Shopping campaigns are a useful way to promote online and local inventory, boost traffic to the website and store, & capture qualified leads.  However currently all of our Shopping efforts were targeting all products vs. having a personalized strategy to ensure that we were capturing consumer’s needs. To align with our consumer-specific marketing strategy, our team decided to test product segmentation on both Facebook and Google within the campaigns. By segmenting our product feeds we were able to ensure full demand capture for consumers shopping for specific brands or Jewelry products, especially as a subsidy of Category Search


  • Integrate Google Shopping Ads to ensure full demand capture for product searches
  • Direct current ad spend more efficiently through product break-outs


 Following the implementation of more precisely defined shopping ads we were able to derive higher quality leads and performance for our campaigns and client’s business. The new campaign breakdown resulted in -88% lower CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) for category search and a -95% drop in CPM for brand search. Overall ROAS reached $1.42 for our client, improving 4.4x compared to social pros and REM and 3x compared to category search & Google display REM.

Our goal, using the learnings from this case study, is to continue to optimize our shopping ad performance and identify further opportunities for improvement within shopping campaigns to ensure the most effective process possible for our client. 






Once we became an extension of our National Jewelry Brand client, our goal was to personalized their consumer shopping experience while capturing all possible demand for qualified consumers. Once we launched shopping ads across Google and Facebook, our analytics team gathered data regarding the performance of shopping campaigns broken down per product in each shopping campaign. Although our campaigns at the time were not structured that way, we pulled such reporting to allow the client to align this with their business goal. However, our team quickly realized that if we could segment our campaigns, we could easily drive higher qualified leads and performance in our campaigns. 

Thus cue –our newly updated Shopping Ads.areas of Orlando, as opposed to just targeting the Orlando DMA as a whole. 

Shopping Ads use the existing Merchant Center product data (not keywords) to decide how and where to show ads. The product data we submit through the Merchant Center contains details about the products our client sells. We later use these details when we match a user’s search to our ads, making sure to show the most relevant products. Once we analyzed performance we began testing with new, more specified, shopping ad types which broke down larger campaigns into more efficiently testable pieces to identify areas of possible optimization. 

There are several different ad formats and tools which can be tested to ensure the best results. Below are the Shopping Ads we believe are worth testing for our and your shopping campaigns:

  • Facebook Dynamic Product Ads are an automated feed, showcasing products in a carousel, we can customize the frames to be more engaging or change based on season. 
  • Pinterest shoppings ads utilize the platform to engage with customers early, while people on Pinterest are looking for inspiration. 
  • Facebook collections are an Immersive ad format that includes an image or video with multiple products providing an easy experience to discover, browse, and purchase products on your phone. 
  • Shopping tags on Instagram allow a seamless shopping experience by helping consumers discover & shop within their newsfeed.

Positive results from testing, alongside previous shopping campaign experience, gave us enough proof of efficiency to begin rolling out these break-downs across larger accounts which encompass a wide variety of products.


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