Coupon Activation Awareness Campaigns Drive 11K Activations with Audience-First Strategy

ABC Liquor Store.

Audience First Strategy Identifies Key Audience

Net Conversion aids in driving 11k coupon activations and a significant decrease in cost per coupon activation.


Grocery store client focuses on driving in-store purchases and app downloads for markets throughout the SouthEast US. However their new goal was to drive additional awareness of their brand to users currently outside of their store markets that visited the market during the colder months. 

Before launching coupon/conversion driving efforts, we ran awareness media targeting potential consumers that lived primarily in the North Eastern Markets (NY, NJ, OH, MI, PA), but had traveled to primary markets such as Florida during the winter months. With our audience-first strategy we identified this audience to be a primary audience segment called snowbirds. Our goal was to strategically identify this audience using data signals and reach consumers during their travels to expand our client’s brand awareness and app download rate. 


  • Efficiently drive a large volume of coupon activations to consumers visiting the Florida DMA for the duration of the winter months.


Using our personalized and data-driven approach Audience First Strategy we began to identify the signals and segments that make up the ideal target audience segments. Identifying the actions, interests, and behaviors of a consumer in conjunction with signals based on the consumer’s behavior and characteristics – we can define strategic data-based audience segments. 

Using our audience first strategy, which included CRM data from our client, we defined a new audience segment Snowbirds – individuals who live in the North-East markets, are in the ages of retirement and are likely to visit Florida in the winter to escape the cold.

Based on behaviors, interests, and client-defined personas – we were able to target this audience in the Northeast in social channels with an awareness video messaging “Shop & save at the grocery store during their stay in the Sunshine State”.

As we began to capture more information through historical data & campaign performance, the team was able to optimize our audience first strategy, creating new segments that consisted of remarketing look-a-like consumers based on those who had previously viewed the video. Using these audience segments, our strategy shifted to retarget these individuals when they were likely to be in Florida and redeem their grocery coupons.


As this campaign is still ongoing, efficiency thus far has sky-rocketed coupon activations. Cost/activation has fallen -54% to $0.91 from an average of $2-3 during the same period in the prior year. Thus far, we have seen 11k coupon activations and expect to see this number climb as we navigate through the rest of Q1.


Coupon Activations


Decreased Cost per Activation Y/Y


Cost per Activation


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