ABC Fine Wine & Spirits Toasts to a 1.09% Visit Rate with SteelHouse Performance TV

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Walking In A Wine-Ter Wonderland With Performance CTV

The holidays can be a hectic time, which is why this leading wine & spirits retailer wanted to raise awareness around their pick-up and delivery options during the busy festive season. We partnered with SteelHouse Performance TV to reach the right audience and drive shoppers to drink – in a good way.


ABC Fine Wine & Spirits was looking to drive a steady flow of new customers to their business during the holiday season, and knew their convenient pick-up and delivery options would be a great selling point for busy holiday shoppers. They needed a solution that would let them accurately reach new users, ensure they were targeting the right audience, and measure success—which made SteelHouse Performance TV the perfect fit.


The Performance TV campaign was a total success for ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, driving new users to not only visit their site, but convert as well. What’s more, our display retargeting campaign helped drive users further down the funnel, and helped bolster ABC’s overall marketing performance—speaking to the importance of creating an immersive marketing strategy that keeps messaging top of mind.


Visit Rate


We leveraged SteelHouse Performance TV to drive new user acquisition using compelling creative streamed across top-tier networks like HGTV, TBS, Comedy Central, and CBS News on Connected TV. By tapping into the Oracle Data Cloud, the largest audience data provider in the world, Performance TV can identify and reach valuable prospects for ABC. Due to the seasonal focus of the campaign, we targeted households with a tendency to host Thanksgiving or Christmas parties, as well as users with interests in beer, wine, and spirits.

“We needed a new way to drive more traffic to our site, and Performance TV helped us do exactly that. We were able to connect with an audience that was very valuable to us, during a particularly crazy time of year, and deliver a message that resonated with shoppers.”

– Sean Kelly, Chief Marketing Officer


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