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Things just got deep.

“What’s my occupancy rate going to be next month?”, “Is there a way I can segment my customers to tailor personalized messages?”, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”, “We just launched a campaign to acquire new customers, is there any way to see the impact to determine if I should do it again?”

These are just a few questions your company might ask. In an evolving marketplace, it’s crucial to understand consumer preferences and decipher how those preferences will evolve in the future. Using our own data tools, we analyze the data to get deeper insights, make predictions, and generate recommendations for more confident campaigns.



Data Collection
Gathering and measuring data across multiple platforms and API connections, including Google Analytics implementation and Adobe Analytics implementation.

Web Analytics
Root cause analysis, product mix, site engagement, and more, our job is to understand why. By analyzing website data from stakeholder-specific perspectives including campaign analysis, customer segmentation, and profiling, we identify successes, trends, and potential problem areas. After deriving insight on data trends and anomalies, we then make recommendations to improve business performance.

Business Intelligence
We query, mine, scrape, and other cool verbs to get insight into rapidly changing market dynamics that ultimately leads to good business decisions. Our work includes advanced automated reporting, next-gen platform implementation, predictive modeling, causal analysis, and more.

To Action

To Action

Data Science
We leverage Conversionomics for real-time forecasting, time-series modeling, market segmentation, attribution modeling, incremental attribution, predictive modeling, and more.

Data Visualization
We determine the best way to communicate relationships in the data that’s easy to understand and most effectively conveys patterns, trends, and outliers.

Data Management
Connect multiple online and offline data sources to provide data processing, aggregation and classification services utilizing Conversionomics.

A/B Testing
Leveraging Adobe Target (and Audience Manager) for A/B testing and personalization (both onsite and via media channels), we conduct webpage evaluation to identify high-value pages to test, based on Success Event Participation metrics.

Let’s be unexpected together.

Let’s be unexpected together.
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