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Keep a pulse on your market with consumer surveys.

Primary market research lets us gain timely insight into the brand, market, and competitive trends to integrate real consumer insights into business decisions.

As an industry leader in both analytics and paid media, we are uniquely positioned to help you ask the right questions, maximize response rates, and generate more meaningful insights from your data.

Traditional market research can take months. Consumer Surveys get initial results within a week.

We’ll provide reporting to help you make sense of the data and integrate real consumer insights into business decisions.

Brand Awareness Have you ever heard of us?
Advertising Effectiveness Where did you see the ad?
Product Fulfillment Which of the following attributes is most important?
Habits & Usage How often do you travel outside of the U.S.?
Customer Attitudes What do you think of when you see this logo?
Ad Hoc Quantify the size of a given market. Determine the likeability of a new product concept. Identify who the customers are, who they are not, and why they are or are not your customers.


Reach tens of millions of unique daily users on both web and mobile app .

Network Distribution

Surveys are distributed across a wide-ranging publisher network of 1.5k+ sites that focus on diverse topics.


Web users are enticed to participate in surveys with incentives to access premium content on third-party news, reference and entertainment sites.

Flexible Formatting

Single/multiple choice answers (with or without image), open-ended (with or without image), rating-based scale, side-by-side image comparison.

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Advertisers who are successful at data-driven marketing see revenue increases of as much as 20%


Less than half of marketers use consumer research to drive decisions


Leading marketers are 56% more likely to strongly agree that decisions backed by consumer data are more effective 

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