Audience-First Execution

If you’re not audience-first, you’re last.

Our personalized and data-driven approach syncs audiences’ evolving needs and demands to their consumer journey by using behavioral, contextual, and environmental data along media touchpoints. Before we do anything – we make sure we know your consumer.

Audiences consist of consumer signals, actions based on interests, behaviors, and decisions, and consumer segments, facts based on the consumer’s behaviors and characteristics.

Machine learning systems aggregate and overlay myriad consumer data signals and segments to form automated learning buckets, which help us understand user journeys across networks and create audience-first targeting strategies.

With audiences defined both by the client and the technical side of media, we can stack our signals and segments on top of each other to create customer bases.

Signals & Segments

Data on consumer passions and frequent behaviors paired with facts beyond age and gender create our audiences.


Our marketing strategy is formed around previously established customer bases, with audience size and budget steering priorities.

Budget & Channel Planning

Budgets are allocated to ensure ongoing penetration of key audiences, and flow based on top-performing tactics and changing data signals.

Storytelling Through Data

Through varying levels of personalization by audience, we leverage messaging sequencing and creative decision-making to move consumers through your brand journey.

Our Partners & Channels

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Of video ad spend is audience-based versus traditional demo buys

1 in 5

Marketers aren’t sure they’re reaching the same audience


Of consumers expect organizations to understand their individual needs

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