Orlando Magic scores big in the international tourism market

Net Conversion and the Orlando Magic score big by courting Central Florida’s fast growing INTERNATIONAL tourism market with hard-driving and highly targeted Internet marketing.


jump in attendance from Brazil


increase in website traffic from Canada



Tough Competitors:  The Orlando Magic face local competitors every bit as challenging as the opposing teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA)—namely, the many other entertainment options available to residents and tourists in central Florida. The Magic rely on Google AdWords and other Google formats to swing momentum their way.

Precise Targeting:  There’s certainly no shortage of Magic and NBA fans living in greater Orlando, but the Magic were thinking bigger. International tourism is growing in the Central Florida region, which presented an opportunity to sell tickets to international consumers for what the Magic positioned as an authentic NBA experience. “We saw this as a huge, untapped opportunity, because Orlando is such a national and international destination,” says Anthony Perez, the Magic’s vice president of business strategy. They partnered with digital agency Net Conversion to develop more refined, targeted, and measurable digital campaigns that targeted multiple audiences, including international tourists. “If you’re talking to a local who is a Magic fan, you talk about the Magic,” says Frank Vertolli, Net Conversion cofounder. “If you talk to a local who is a visiting team fan, you talk about both teams. And if you’re talking to someone in Brazil, you talk about seeing the NBA while you’re in Orlando.”

Providing more options: The Magic began strategically shifting marketing dollars from traditional media into digital, and launched their first AdWords campaigns during the 2013 –14 NBA season. “You can target and measure and get more bang for your buck with digital. The consumers are online, so we let the marketing dollars follow them there,” Vertolli says.

Google AdWords Results:

  • Nearly 5.0 ROAS
  • 14–35% higher site traffic from targeted audiences