How One DMO’s Website Became the Most Visited

Imagine engaging viewers in a 30-second video for as little as 11 cents. Net Conversion boosts web visitation to Nassau Paradise Island by a whopping 56% using YouTube TrueView. Paradise Island is now the leading Caribbean destination in unique website visitors.

Increased US web visitation vs the same period previous year
Search marketing campaigns increased website conversion rate

Remarketing audience of 3.7 million drove




incremental visits

Situational Analysis: The Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board (NPIPB) is responsible for generating awareness for these islands in the Bahamas and driving conversions for member hotels via

Marketing Objectives: Generate incremental awareness via website visitation and conversions via leads sent directly to the members’ in the form of qualified website traffic and phone calls. Utilize the following channels: • Search Marketing • Re-marketing • YouTube TrueView pre-roll online video.

Campaigns ran in multiple phases across the Continental US in:

  • Awareness – National TrueView Campaigns
  • Direct Response – Search and Remarketing