Senior Analyst, Analytics


Port Orange, FL

How long have you been with Net Conversion?

4 years

What clients do you work on?

Playa Hotels & Resorts, Baha Mar, Pearson Advance

Favorite moment at Net Con thus far?

I think it was my first Mudd Volleyball tournament. I remember that day lasted what felt like 36 hours. We all got to the office around 6:30 AM and played volleyball all day, then after we got back to the office, we went out downtown. I was still pretty new at the time, so I remember thinking, “This company goes hard!” It was definitely the longest day I’ve ever spent at a Net Con event.

What’s your philosophy toward working here?

Don’t be afraid. To test, fail, or do anything. We have all the encouragement and tools we need to go after what we want, and even if it doesn’t work out, that’s okay. We just have to learn fast and pivot.

What’s something we’d be surprised to learn about you?

Well, I am a melophile and thanks to my Tupac knowledge, I was adopted by Jay Pharoah a couple of years back at a comedy show he did here in Orlando. #hailmary

    emily gonzalez

    Who do you admire most at Net Con that’s not on your team?

    David. I think he’s a great manager, is very approachable, and extremely detailed when explaining things (which sometimes can be exhausting, but sometimes it’s very necessary). I feel like he just knows what to do and is able to make whatever I’m facing seem attainable.

    What’s your favorite Net Con perk?

    BC (Before Covid), I’d say Happy Hours and team events. Now, I’ll say Work From Home flexibility and our family-first mentality.

    Favorite project you’ve done/proudest accomplishment?

    I was most proud of the deck I had to make and present to Ryan and Brett when I was up for my promotion last year. I was super stressed leading up to it, and they really grilled me on everything, but it went very well and I remember thinking it was validation for all parties, like “Hey, I got this.”

    Client-wise, I’m proud of working on Playa as a whole and maintaining Year Over Year growth. We’ve succeeded in testing new channels and taking on metasearch – I think Playa was our first metasearch client as an agency, and I’m proud of our team for taking that on as a whole new initiative.

    What do you do when you’re not at work?

    I love to cook and bake in between trying to keep my daughter, Naomi, entertained.

    What is your favorite thing to do in The City Beautiful?

    Now that it’s September, we’re definitely enjoying Magical Dining month.

    Team Jet or Team Yacht?


    Eat, Serve, Battle.

    Name a chef you’d want to have prepare you a dish, a chef you’d want to prepare a dish for, and a chef you’d want to go head-to-head with.

    Eat: I would love to eat a dish made by Ina Garten because everything she makes is amazing, period.

    Serve: I’d prepare a dish for Guy Fieri because he loves everything and would hype me up and make me feel good about myself.

    Battle: Martha Stewart. She is a whole mood, first of all, and I feel like we would have a lot of fun cooking together. Plus I was her for Halloween one year, so I feel like I got her whole thing down.