Sea Island ROAS Up +191% from Page Value Audience Segmentation

Refined remarketing based on consumer value

Net Conversion leverages audience segmentation to create laser-focused campaigns targeting most valuable consumers.



Sea Island Resort in Georgia is synonymous with luxury and style. The only resort in the world to achieve four Forbes Five-Star awards nine years in a row, Sea Island was built in 1928 and has become a place of tradition for visitors over the past 90 years. As Sea Island looks to the future it is important to reach new consumers that are likely to carry the tradition with their family and loved ones.


We sought to establish and leverage sophisticated audience segmentation to identify the most profitable consumers and remarket to them within the broader search campaigns. Our goal was two-fold:

Asterisk Identify the most profitable remarketing audiences based on page value data with the goal to have it perform 50% better than other audiences based on Return on Ad Spend.

Asterisk Find the lowest value consumers based on page value analysis and exclude them from our remarketing audiences with the goal that all remarketing will improve their conversion rates by 10%.


Heading into the peak 2017 summer period we were looking for ways to maximize effectiveness on a flat budget to prior year. Through Page Value analysis we saw that visitors who visited specific product pages had the highest conversion rate and average order value, while consumers who only viewed certain pages generated the lowest value.

In execution we launched specific search campaigns in June 2017 to push incremental volume targeting high value consumers. We also placed exclusions on people visiting the pages with a low value by removing them from display remarketing and lower bids in search.


By creating a Premium Purchaser Remarketing Audience, we were able to spend 83% of the search remarketing budget that increased Return on Ad Spend by 191% with an overall lift in Revenue of 399% for Search. The Return on Ad Spend was 3x greater than expected. When we utilized the lowest page value audiences, we increased all remarketing conversion rates by 15%.


Increase in ROAS


Increase in Search Revenue


Increase in Conversion Rate

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